Transform your customers experience in the
digital world into something unforgettable,
and make your sales soar.

What can I offer you?

Professional and personalized website development according to the needs of your business.

Benefits I give you:

  • Included training: I teach you how to use your site's control panel so you can keep your site up to date and make basic changes.
  • 4 Months Warranty: I am available for any problem with your site. During the warranty period, I am also responsible for maintaining the site's plugins.
  • Advanced technology: your site will be developed using WordPress + Elementor PRO, present today in more than 30% of the sites in the world.
  • Optimized Website: Your website will be developed based on the best SEO practices that favor ranking on search engines such as Google.
  • Responsive Website: Your website will be adapted for computers, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Integrations: if necessary, your website will be integrated with social medias, Email Marketing, paid traffic systems, chatbots and forms.
  • Adherence to data protection law: your website will comply with the General Data Protection Law, having the Cookies alert and also the Privacy Policy page.
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tipos criação de sites

Get to know the different types of website I develop and choose which one or ones your business needs:

It aims to publicize the identity of your company, creating authority.
It has four pages (Home, About, Products/Services, Contact) or more, depending on the business need.

Site with a single page that captivates your customer through persuasive language and convinces them to make a purchase of a specific infoproduct or service.

Sequence of pages according to your digital launch strategy. For example: Capture Page, Sales, Thank you, etc..

Site with a page containing the main information of your business.
It can also be used as a Portfolio.

Website for offering products or services, with cart page with payment system, functionalities that allow order management, in addition to inventory and logistics control.

Site whose structure allows quick updating from additions of so-called articles, posts or publications.
It can also be integrated into other sites, such as Institutional and E-commerce, attracting organic traffic and disseminating relevant information to the target audience.

Who am I?

thais de souza

My name is Thais de Souza, I’m 33 years old, born in Brazil and currently I live in Münster, Germany.

I have a passion for projects, creating something new and seeing it thrive. For over 10 years I lived this passion in the IT world, working mainly as a Business Analyst in Project Development.

Now as a Webdesigner I want to transform your business in a success case. Let’s build your digital positioning together and see your sales increase. 

So are you in?


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